Below are the people who are helping us continue the life of this company and project. They’re giving their hard earned dollar (or two) to support TNEP and all that we stand for.

All we can say is thank you. Thank you for helping us support underrepresented and female playwrights, their voices and their stories.





Chi Chi Anyanwu

Miriam Glaser

Sassy G

Sara Genn

Andrea Harper

Peter Bray

Shannyn Van Der Nol

Mary Beth Easly

Rachel Muraca

Calaine Schafer

Craig Colasanti

Edward O’Blenis

Edwina Richard

Gabriel Furman

Ronnie L. Allen

Joshua Zirger

Hellie Turner

Julie Asriyan

Barbara Raitano

Jenna Ciralli

Nedra McClyde

Diane Cyphers

Natalie Engelbert

Sam Glovin

Al Letson

Carolyn McLandlish

CreativeMynds Project

Marissa C

Herbert Newsom

Jason Dirden

Joe Toronto

Leonarda Jonie

Claire Bahn

Nicholas Hardcastle

Meghan SeeKamp

Shelly Sharman

Elizabeth Hower

Emma Booth

Tracy Edwards

Terry Knickerbocker

James Lucas

Joseph Amato

Solvin Naim

Robert Yang

Allison Wolfe

Cripian Chan

Dennis A. Allen II

Chloe Arnold

Teach Dryan

James Stull

Nambi E. Kelley

Girl In Red Productions LLC

Tory West